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Ride Along with Sylvester on ESPN2's "Cold Pizza"

(January 7, 2004) - When you get on your exercise bike tomorrow morning and click on the TV, tune in to ESPN2's "Cold Pizza" to catch Philly's own David Sylvester touting his insane 120-day, 6,600-mile bike tour through Africa for charity.

Sylvester will be pedaling on a stationary bike as well during the 7-9 a.m. sports and pop culture show as hosts Jay Crawford, Kit Hoover, Leslie Maxie and Thea Andrews interview him about his participation in the 2004 Tour d'Afrique, Jan. 17-May 15.

Sylvester will join about 40 other professional and amateur bike riders on the tour from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa. The Tour's general missions are to promote human-powered transportation, AIDS awareness and a healthier environment. Sylvester is raising money for a scholarship in the name of a friend who died on Sept. 11. He also aims to inspire African-Americans at home to take on their own extraordinary challenges.