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If you want to hear God laugh tell Him that you have a plan.... Anonymous

The initial plan was to enjoy my September 4th Labor Day morning, by casually running some errands through my hometown. I was running these errands on the holiday because on September 8th I was going to fly to Cali Columbia and ride my bicycle to Argentina as a part of a charity effort.

The plan was to drive through various Philadelphia neighborhoods, pick up one more piece of camping gear, share a muffin with a good friend, return a good friend's truck and then go read up on the other cities and neighborhoods in Colombia and Ecuador, while relaxing in the park. A great plan in a great city...I never got more than 2 miles from my house.

Two youths driving under the influence, in a speeding car, ran a light and hit me as I was driving through the intersection. No screeching tires, no horns, no warning just impact. From the point of where our cars collided, to the point of where my car stopped was over 150 feet. Where I am physically and emotionally from that moment is a lot farther. The car, my plans and my life were pointed in a vastly different direction than where they landed.

Laptop, cell phone, glasses, sunglasses, data, phone numbers, information all smashed and gone. I had corneal abrasions from debris and stuff flying through the air which have healed, although my doctor thought my eyes were still damaged until I pointed out that I could only see the big E on the eye chart before the accident-hey, bad vision can be funny sometimes. My neck and back were stiff, but are doing well now. My knee, my knee. When I was pulled from the wreckage I saw my knee, literally. I could see exposed bone. As it turns out, there was a knob from the car lodged in my leg that could only been seen though an X-ray. The extraction of the knob-see picture- hurt like hell, even with the major drugs that they administered to me.

Emotionally, I vacillate from my normal confident self to someone less bold that I don't even know. Damn, this is a tough test.

I am lucky. So, so very lucky. I am lucky to be here. I am lucky to have no broken bones. I am lucky to have my sight the doctor said that my eyewear probably protected my right eye shout out to Prada Eyewear. I am just plain old lucky. For those that found out and have said prayers and called thank you. For those that are just hearing this for the first time and will pray for me thank you too. For all of those that I will be calling on to hug me, cheer me up and keep me going though whatever rehab process I will have to do thank you in advance.

Over a week ago, I got the best possible results from the MRI- a bone contusion or a bone bruise. I have been given the green light to start water therapy and now, more than a month after the accident, can walk without a cane or crutch. I think that my gait looks like a stroll but my friends say that I look like I am limping- but what do they know. With additional work, therapy, prayers and luck I will be back on track to tackle South America in 07

God may be laughing, the timetable may be shifted but it will take a lot more that this to stop me from cycling my 3rd continent, and I hope that whatever your plans are, you too will pursue them through thick and thin.

Thank you

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