Whatever you do, Contribute 2 something
Scholarship Fund

David's Wish List

Hey there folks, my good friend Tom Tag (Price Communications - these guys are AWESOME!) asked me for a wish list before I left. I had no idea what I wanted, but after being on the bike for umpteen hours I kinda know. Here it is:

I want to raise at least 50,000 dollars for the scholarship fund. Call Phil Arko or Heather Gee at the Philadelphia foundation and make a contribution.

I want to be on Oprah. Hell, if she had Puff Daddy on her show for running 26 miles I should get something for biking 6,000. Go to her Web site and tell her about me.

I want to come back and bring a couple of high school students (letís put our thinking caps on).

I want to contribute more.

Take care and remember: whatever you do with your life, contribute something.