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Thank you for coming to my site. The Let This Be the Moment Tour this summer was a rousing success. I arrived in NYC on September 11th, as planned, and achieved all that I, as an individual, could- and that was a lot.  The amount of donations, number of volunteers and spirits of the individuals were all increased at the facilities that the tour passed through. Friendships were also formed and from those bonds some great ideas were hatched.  Here are the biggest ones.

  • I am pleased to announce that I have decided to write my book! This tour gave me a lot of time to think about what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it and I am really excited to be doing this. In fact, I am probably typing away in a coffee shop somewhere in Philly as you read this. Look for it soon.
  • I want to be the next President’s Council on Physical Fitness! I am a more than capable and credible candidate to be on the Council and am prepared to do all I can to make this nation healthier- all I need is the go ahead. Well, I also need you to vote for Barrack Obama because the selection to the Council is by Presidential appointment only. My open letter applying for the position is below.   
  • Australia in ’09, is what I am planning next- Perth to Sydney. This tour will be as adventurous, exciting and rewarding as the Let This Be the Moment Tour and help even more people.

Dear President Elect Obama,

This summer I rode my  bicycle across the United States eating what an average American eats and did  not lose a lot of weight. If that is the case for me, bicycling from San Diego to New York City, what chance does the average sedentary American  have?

I would like to be on your Council of Physical Fitness to improve  those chances. A healthy lifestyle has improved my will, passion, intelligence  and confidence and it’s all of those things, and more, that drove me to ride  my bicycle across the USA this past summer, Asia in 2007, Africa in ‘04 and  the USA again in ‘02.

People are not unhealthy because they want to be; they are unhealthy because they don’t know otherwise. I want to help change that. Within your first term as president of the United States, I will ride my bicycle across every state stopping at schools, hospitals, universities, homes for the aged and any other place speaking on wellness, health and fitness. Also, within your first term, I will be your fitness ambassador and bike across 3 continents: Europe, South America and Australia.

Americans know the stories and what drives the traditional selections for the fitness council – big league contacts, gold medals, yellow jerseys and such, but because these facts are known it can make any information dispensed less compelling. An ‘outside the box’ selection such as mine, begs for questioning; who is he, how did he, why did he, and such. In the answering those questions, knowledge about so much more than exercise can be exchanged – making me a key addition.

It was the passing of my friend Kevin Bowser, not a whim, which drove me to ride where I have. Kevin died in the World Trade Center on 9/11 and wanting to honor his life and raise scholarship funds, I volunteered to ride a bicycle across the USA. Seeing how riding a bicycle could enhance, inspire and change people I went and rode across Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and China.

Riding all over the world prompted ESPN to contact me about writing an article. 1.5+  million readers prompted me to start pedaling from San Diego on July 4th and  ride to the name reading ceremony in NYC on September 11th, stopping only to volunteer a day at local charities across the country and to visit your campaign offices and pass out your literature.

In the midst of this current  economic downturn, individuals are going to turn to what is cheapest to feed, not nourish, themselves and their family’s bodies.  Being in the fitness  industry has taught me that the difference between feeding and nourishing is  the distance between a healthy and unhealthy American, a child that proclaims “I can’t” and one that boldly states “I can” or “I already did,” a  teen that is happy achieving and one that never tries. But ultimately the difference in feeding and nourishing a body is the distance between the quality and quantity of an adult’s life. Unser Lieblingsplatz Glücksspiel landete Online Schweizer Roulette zu sein.

By continuing to crisscross the country, and globe, I will be providing a ‘moving’ promotion for health, passion fitness, volunteering, community, wellness, inspiration, encouragement  and more. Select me for your council and as you change the way that people look at government, I will do my utmost to change the way Americans look at  themselves.

Thank you.


Let This Be The Moment

Let This Be The Moment Tour

Date                    Place                                                City/State      
July 3rd                Father Joe’s Villages                         San Diego, CA     
July 10th              Foundation for Blind Children            Tempe, AZ     
July 16th              Mesa Valley Hospice                         Las Cruses, NM       
July 29th              Halfway House                                 Del Rio, TX     
August 6th           Dell Children’s Hospital                    Austin, TX    
August 13th         Louisiana SPCA                                New Orleans, LA       
August 16th         Penelope House                                 Mobile, AL       
August 19th         Magdalene House                              Nashville, TN
September 3rd      Walter Reed Medical Ctr.                  Washington, DC              
September 5th      TBA                                                 Baltimore, MD
September 7th      TBA                                                 Philadelphia, PA
September 9th      TBA                                                 Trenton, NJ
September 11th    TBA                                                 New York, NY

During the tour I will be visiting the locations listed above to help out. I will be blogging on contribute2.ning.com. Check often for tour updates.


Biking Across Asia

I used to live by the adage “the true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching”. I did this until I started riding my bicycle across the continents of the globe and I found out that a lot of people were watching; watching and being inspired. I saw that by doing a simple act, riding a bicycle, I was able to motivate others to do something to contribute to the world.

This site is a place where people can tell their inspirational stories and maybe get some ideas on what else they can do to motivate others. My story out as way to gain donations and publicity for a scholarship fund in my friend’s name who was killed on 9/11 at the WTC. That is where it started but it has blossomed into so much more. I have ridden my bicycle across north America, the length of Africa and am now in China biking my across Asia and with each of the continents I am inspiring more and more people to think about the things that they can do to inspire others.

Your act doesn't have to be big, mine certainly isn't, or global but you do have to do something. The world needs more people to take a motivational stand. So who is with me? Send your stories to me and let’s change the world.



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